Human centered
digitized planning

Immersive discovery and team work.

We offer comprehensive strategy and consulting options at Grafite. If you're a small business who is struggling with a digital presence or a business of any size who wants to automate portions of your workflow we've got you covered. We are well versed in the latest web technologies including methods of automation and machine learning. We have been working with Fortune 500 companies developing solutions that help them reduce operating and infrastructure costs. We focus on user experience on all aspects of product delivery, we believe being human centered we're able to build the best solutions for human beings.

Strategy and Consultation

Automation Exploration

We'll work with you to determine ways we can help automation various components of your workflow. Including integration with existing services using third-party tools, or our own home built solutions.

Digitization of Assets

We'll examine your current digital assets and help you ensure they're distributed effectively. We'll find ways of integrating your services together. We can find a way to digitize your processes ensuring better accountability in your business.

Digital Presence

Your digital presence is just as important as your company's physical self in the current economy. We're here to explore how people are finding you, and your products, and explore where there's room for improvement as well as where you are currently excelling. We want to help you expand your digital presence and identity in order to help your business grow.

Strategy and Consultation

Infrastructure Exploration

We'll examine your current digital infrastructure to make sure your AWS bills are kept to a minimum, while delivering top speed hosting. If you're not using AWS or have a stack of services you use we'll work together to help simplify your hosting and infrastructure needs.

Sharing Knowledge

We're happy to work with your team sharing what we've learned developing: full-stack applications, APIs, SPAs, AWS infrastructures, Complex queue systems and custom e-commerce platforms. We offer remote talks, code reviews, code audits, and project collaboration options, to help your team learn everything we know.