Less Complexity,
Minimalist Simplicity

You're spending too much time on your computer.

We love creating software solutions for organizations of various sizes. But we’d much rather be spending time with our family and friends so we assume you want the same. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and small shops next door developing solutions so they waste less time and resources, and can go home early. If you want to work with us, we’re happy to talk about new opportunities, and ways of making your life better.

Less, but better.

Dieter Rams.


We actively learn how your business works and apply various technologies to help automate more of your workflow. It may include reducing staff responsibilities or replacing entire components of your business. There are countless ways businesses can become more automated. We think that makes life better.


There are so many platforms out there for handling various components of your business or organization. We strive to unify these into less components for you to manage or worry about. Making life better by reduction or cross-integration.

User Experience

There are more than enough people who begrudgingly work on overly complicated and slow outdated software at their work, we sympathize with them. We take every detail into account when designing a new project, ensuring that even as time progresses the user is able to spend more time with those they love than waiting for loading screens and processing time.

Magic Slippers

Arthur C. Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." We love this quote. In our opinion great technology is all around us. It's our job to fit the right technology to your needs. We carefully determine right solution for each of our customers. Whether its a custom platform built on leading edge frameworks or a simple website built on SquareSpace, our only objective to is make sure the solution fits you magically.

Mission Statement

Grafite’s mission is to deliver software tools and services that help businesses and developers automate as much of their workflow as possible, in order to enjoy more time with their friends and family.