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Below you will find general announcements about products and open source projects we're working on. Along with general updates about our company.


Code Package Updates (Aug 28, 2019)

Deciding what to build and how to impact the community is challenging. We've been discussing options of maintenance and long term commitments. Coupled with that comes technical debt chats and reviewing of goals and technologies we want to work with, as well as ways we want to help both developers and businesses. As such we've come to some final decisions regarding the direction of our open source packages. The hope with these new plans is that we will be able to help developers with well documented boilerplates as well as offer a collection of tools for existing custom built applications.

  • Scaffold:
    Coming soon, documentation in the works along with finalizing the Stripe integration
  • Commerce:
    v3 will be a complete revamp of the Commerce package in order to work more effectively with v4 of our CMS.
  • CMS:
    We're currently working on v4 which is a large revamp of the package in order to break it down to essentails for easier long term maintenance. There will likely be some parts removed and placed into new packages.
  • Website:
    We used to use our Builder package along with our CMS to provide an easy website solution. Since we've abandoned the Builder package we're currently working on Website which will be a boilerplate website with the CMS integrated.
  • FormMaker:
    Is currently on v2.1 and will be continued.
  • CrudMaker:
    Has been abandoned as we no longer use it to build any of our projects.

Github Package Archiving (Jun 27, 2019)

We're not always the happiest when we have to archive projects but sometimes it's needed. In our case, we've had lots of open source projects that have not gotten any attention and we've generally stopped using them. Over the next couple weeks we'll be archiving them. This also means we will no longer be maintaining them.

  • Docs:
    All docs for archived packages will now move to their respective packages. They will be placed in the readmes.
  • Commerce:
    Commerce was a great package to develop but it needs complete refactoring and updates and we currently do not have any projects using it.
  • Builder:
    This was originally a flagship package for us, but we just don't use it anymore. We've moved to using a general boilerplate (called Scaffold) which we will be open sourcing soon
  • Crypto:
    We're going to be archiving Crypto as its no longer needed since Laravel handles all of these features by default
  • Homeforge:
    Though we used to actively use Homestead for general development Laravel's Valet has proven to be a better solution.

New Packages Coming Soon (Jun 25, 2019)

We're super excited to be announcing the upcoming arrival of some new packages. Checkout the information below to see what each package will cover!

  • Scaffold:
    An opinionated Laravel boilerplate, for faster app development.
  • Activity:
    A general activity tracker for Laravel applications (originally in Builder)
  • AccessControl:
    A role based permission system (originally in Builder)