The benefits of outsourcing
are incredible.

Harness global talent from your kitchen table.
Why you should consider outsourcing.

Outsourcing technology jobs has become a common practice in technology companies from the Fortune 500 to technology startups. Finding talent in your area can be challenging, compounded on that are employment benefits, salaries and competing companies. Technologies change rapidly and building an internal team and ensuring they learn the latest technologies is a large and costly undertaking. There are many reasons to bring Grafite on board as an extension of your business or technical team.

With modern technology we’ve been able to work with teams around the world, having daily stand ups and delivering quality code in a timely fashion. Since our team works from their homes we offer a very competitive hourly rate which will undercut most employee based expenses. We’ve worked with teams for short term projects providing a clean handoff to the next development group, but we’ve also maintained some projects with companies for over four years.

What makes us special

We’ve been developing software for over ten years. We’ve developed mobile applications as well as web applications, worked with teams around the world and proven ourselves time and time again. We’ve made contributions and are actively involved with one of the largest frameworks in the world Laravel. We actively support and maintain various open source projects as well as numerous community groups. We’ve heavily invested in our technologies and we make it our business to be considered some of the best developers of those technologies.