Our building tools

Though we're not afraid to try something new.

We've worked with many frameworks and technologies over the years but we have a few we like to focus on currently, here are some and what we utilize them for:

Laravel and VueJs

Laravel VueJs MySQL Redis

Laravel is an incredibly powerful framework and we not only use it all the time, we've contributed directly to its ecosystem and codebase! Utilizing that as our base technology we integrate VueJs components to provide a high quality user experience for you in an application with far less maintenance for us, saving you money and keeping everything running smoothly.

MySQL provides fast capability for data updates with proven functionality with complex queries. Redis is our favourite tool for queue systems, as we find it runs remarkably fast and is easy to manage.

AWS DigitalOcean

AWS is a powerhouse and it's optimal for clients who have complex needs and integrations; while its great for scaling up and down, it's not always the most cost effective.

If you're on a bit of a budget, DigitalOcean is great for scaling up and down, but requires a little more maintenance, and custom setup of server instances.

Statamic SquareSpace

When you're looking for a great CMS thats easy to customize and maintain, look no further than Statmic. Unlike other platforms like WordPress its well controlled and easy to keep secure, which is why we use it as our primary tool for any custom website we build.

For those who want a quick website, with a less custom approach we get them setup with SquareSpace. It's an easy to use platform thats very cost effective.