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Located north of Toronto, we’ve been developing software solutions for nearly a decade. We’ve followed the trends, and seen the rise and fall of various open source frameworks. We stay on top of the latest technologies and are constantly growing our list of products.

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Open Source

We have everything you need to start a software project and launch a business today.


Grafite Builder a provider of components to build your next amazing application including: a starter kit, form-maker, CRUD builder, and cryptography tool. It's a package which can be added to any Laravel 5.1+ app. It's best to integrate it early and utilize the starter kit to hit the ground running.


Grafite CMS is for Laravel applications. It provides numerous components that enable developers to put together powerful applications but also provide the means for people to edit the content of those powerful applications.


Grafite Commerce is a great package for providing a custom e-commerce component to your application. You can sell products or subscriptions, and add all your custom shipping logic to the StoreLogistics class. Take control of your applications sales.


The Grafite CLI tool is the simplest command for creating new instances of the Grafite Builder Starter Kit (with or without Bootstrap) as well as the Grafite CMS.

Business Tools

We love developing software that solves problems. Check out our collection of solutions.

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