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Solutions we've provided

From custom applications to complex integrations, here are some case study outlines.
Authorize.Net API Package
Money Bags

For a client that was locked in with Authorize.Net as their payment provider, we created an interface that was much easier to use and still allowed them to stay with Authorize.Net, putting more control in the client's hands

Shipping Management System

We developed a system that matched trucks for delivery loads based on capacity and proximity to the customer, coordinated parking availability at multiple locations in real-time, and freed employees up to spend more time building meaningful relationships with their customers

Job Matching and Recruitment Application

To help recruiters sift through massive amounts of applications, we built an algorithm that qualified potential candidates by extracted information from LinkedIn profiles, factored in rating systems, and assessed whether they were a good fit by comparing them with other applicants for the same position.

A Real-Time Dashboard
Dashboard Guage

We created a custom digital dashboard for a client who wanted to monitor and measure web traffic in real-time from multiple sources, such as Adobe, CloudFare, and Github. It also stored the information for future analysis to help the client make informed decisions backed by data.

Industry Insights

People from all over the world are connected in more ways than ever before; there are so many resources at businesses' fingertips that allow them to reach their customers -- no matter what industry they're in, or what size they are. It's our mission to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and we're passionate about illuminating the most beneficial and user-friends options out there. Whether it's new technology or tried-and-true systems, we love sharing our knowledge about the best digital tools available through our articles. Distilled, informative and business-focused, they are a fantastic ongoing resource -- even if you know very little about technology (after all, that's what we're here for!)