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Solutions we've provided

From custom applications to complex integrations, here are some case study outlines.

Authorize.Net API Package

One of our clients was locked in with Authorize.Net as their payment provider. We developed a custom API package which matched Cashier’s interface allowing them to easily continue using Authorize.Net with updated backend code using Laravel.

Shipping Truck Management System

For one of our clients we developed a shipping truck management system, which matched trucks for delivery loads based on capacity and proximity to the customer. The system also had to handle shipping centre relationships allowing for trucks of one company to be temporarily parked at another location.

Job Matching and Recruitment Application

We developed for one of our clients a custom job matching algorithm based on various criteria including data extracted from LinkedIn profiles. It handled rating systems and matching probabilities for recruiters to make more selective choices.

A Real-time Dashboard

For one of our clients we developed a real-time dashboard which provided information from CloudFlare, Github and Adobe’s web traffic system. The dashboard uses Laravel while the data is stored in an ElasticSearch instance. We populate it using Lambda functions with AWS.

Industry Insights

We love sharing knowledge with people around the world. Whether you're a small business or a large scale enterprise there are numerous trends in the industry that people are always talking about. We provide our opinion on the old and new technologies and where we believe company's should be going. Our hope is that even if you don't become our client you're more informed about the digital choices you need to make. If you want to know more check out some of our recent articles.

Some digital products we've built

Some for clients, others for our team.


We hate losing productive time handling paperwork or other workflow problems. Sumday is an hour tracking app designed to help developers track their time effectively without ever leaving the CLI. It helps our team and others stick to project budgets more effectively with less effort.

Laravel Collective

We're proud supporters of open source packages and projects. As such we redesigned the website for the Laravel Collective group which helps support and maintain Laravel based packages for long term use by businesses. Did we mention we help maintain these packages which have been downloaded millions of times.

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