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Who is Grafite?

We’re a creative development agency that specializes in SaaS applications and E-commerce solutions. We’ve been developing applications and websites for the last ten years and have worked with projects and teams of all sizes.

Our technologies include: Laravel, Vue, Stripe, Ionic and Shopify.

In order to help deliver great solutions to our clients we make sure to give back to the digital community. We actively support several open source projects as well as support conferences for the technologies we love.

What is Grafite?

We love developing technological solutions that enable businesses and people to do more, at a lower cost, and more effectively.

Based on countless projects built from scratch and maintained over the years, we've learned a simple truth. Just because your app is accessible doesn't mean it's healthy or well structured. We spend our energy developing solutions to keep web applications healthy and cost effective.

Code changes, servers fail, errors are logged, new maintainers come and go, projects scale, hackers attack and the needs of your business change. We make it our business to help you maintain your digital assets effectively.

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Grafite Builder

Our Builder package is a provider of components to build your next amazing application including: a starter kit, form-maker, CRUD builder, and cryptography tool. It's a package which can be added to any Laravel 5.6+ app. It's best to integrate it early and utilize the starter kit to hit the ground running.

Grafite CMS

The Grafite CMS package is for Laravel 5.6+ applications. It provides numerous content management components that let's developers focus on building powerful unique applications, and letting the CMS package handle the about pages, FAQs, Blog posts, and anything else that isn't a core part of the application.

Grafite Commerce

Our Grafite Commerce package provides a custom e-commerce component to your application. You can sell products or subscriptions, and add all your custom shipping logic to the StoreLogistics class. Take control of your applications sales.

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We firmly believe that software development is not a sprint but a marathon. Keeping your app healthy is of the utmost importance, cause going down at that critical sales meeting is a pain we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies. If you’re looking for a more custom solution or would like to work together please contact [email protected]