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Published on:
Jul 25th, 2023

Why you Should get a Code Audit Now

As a small business owner, you're likely accustomed to wearing many hats. From managing finances to marketing your products or services, we know you're as industrious as they come. However, one crucial aspect often overlooked in the small business realm is technology, especially if you're not operating an online-based business. Nearly all businesses from small to enterprise can benefit from a software or code audit. It can easily result in higher performance, less risks and improving the probability of future success.

What Is a Code Audit?

Before diving into the reasons, it's essential to understand what a code audit is. A code audit is a thorough review of your website, app, or software's source code. This process is carried out by an independent team of professionals and offers a detailed analysis of how efficient your site, app, or software operates. Even in cases where you have had active development of your business' software it is highly advisable to consider a third-party code audit to ensure that what you've got helping run your business is running it well.

Here are compelling reasons why any size company should consider getting a code audit now.

1. Enhancing Software Quality

A code audit can help identify hidden bugs and errors that might not be immediately visible, hindering optimum performance. By getting an audit, you address these cases and increase the quality of your software, thereby improving user experience. This goes hand in hand with removing outdated code that may cause delays in feature deliveries.

2. Improving Code Security

All business' digital content are equally susceptible to cyberattacks. A code audit can help determine the security gaps that hackers can exploit, thus ensuring the safety of your software and, more importantly, your clients' information.

3. Promoting Code Maintainability

Does your website or software feature antiquated code, or maybe some overlapping features? A code audit can pinpoint these areas, making your code easier to maintain, enhance, and manage over time. It's like decluttering your closet - it’s simpler to find what you need, and it frees up space.

4. Future-Proofing the Business (to varying degrees)

All companies have technical debt. It’s the future cost of eventually fixing shortcuts in your code. A code audit can save you from accruing an enormous debt by identifying these shortcuts and sparing you from future headaches. Essentially, an audit today will help your business adapt more easily to future demands and technological upgrades.

5. Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Different industries operate under various regulations. A code audit helps ensure that your custom software complies with the set rules, thus avoiding costly legal issues that might surface in the future.

6. Building Trust with Customers

Customers will trust your business if they know their data is secure. Completing a code audit and showing it in your security measures can bolster this trust, leading to a higher customer retention rate.

While code auditing might sound like a task only left for tech giants, all businesses stand to benefit equally, if not more, from this exercise. Your business’s size shouldn't dictate the quality and safety of the code running your services. Therefore, commit to a code audit today. It’s a vital health check-up that your business needs to stay competitive, secure, and successful in the long run.