Image inspired by: Why you Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence
Published on:
May 31st, 2022

Why you Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is far from the futuristic world of robot butlers. Though we've seen large advances in self driving cars, and in language processing we're not any closer to having the world of Wall-E or Interstellar. However, we are currently in a world where AI or machine learning can improve a business significantly. 46% of Canadian small businesses say that they are ready to adopt the use of AI in their day to day workflow, but only 8% of them are actively integrating it. Artificial Intelligence in the modern world is much more like a robot counting jelly beans in a jar or recognizing signs of corrosion in material.

Language processing and image recognition are technologies that rely on a simple process of handing the computer dozens or hundreds of images that have been classified by humans and then having the computer view thousands of images and make guesses that someone often needs to correct or review. In some cases your company may need to set up the instructions for the AI to learn your business, but there are many use cases where you don't need to. Some very common use cases of AI include: automated service chatbots, predictive analytics for marketing, data processing, and factory machine maintenance.

There are opportunities in all businesses to implement AI systems similar to those above. In most cases AI systems do not reduce workforces but more so, reduce wasteful processes, and help improve the quality of the work being done. They assist in preventative measures and help ensure maximum delivery. Artificial Intelligence systems will continue to grow and improve the efficiencies of companies who utilize them.