Image inspired by: What Low-Code and No-Code tools Are Good For
Published on:
Apr 25th, 2023

What Low-Code and No-Code tools Are Good For

Low-code and no-code tools have become very popular in the last few years and all too often we find that businesses are wondering can I just use tool X and do it myself. We've outlined a few details surrounding low-code and no-code tools and their use cases.

Low-code development tools are a great way to reduce the time and cost associated with developing applications by allowing users to quickly and easily build applications without having to write code. This is accomplished by using visual development interfaces that employ visual tools to define workflows and drop software components into place. Additionally, these tools can be used by IT development teams who want to rapidly build tailored custom apps without having to use a traditional programming platform.

No-code platforms also provide benefits for technical users, as they are able to quickly define workflows, create user interfaces, and deploy applications without having to write code. Furthermore, these tools offer process modelling capabilities which allow users to customize their applications according to their specific needs. Low-code and no-code tools are great for any user who is looking for an easy way to create custom apps without needing coding skills.

Low-code and no-code tools are also great for designing automated workflows. For example, a business can use a low code platform to make quality apps and improve anyone's business. The process is simple, as decision making is made quickly by using rules and automation. Low code tools are great for managing apps, designing users, tracking logistics, and maintaining equipment.

Though there are various use cases where companies could use low-code or no-code tools to implement a solution there is no simple guideline to follow. Businesses that have complex needs or workflows often need complex solutions implemented, which goes beyond the low/no-code capabilities. There is also the fact that low-code and no-code solutions are themselves products and subject to changes that are outside your business' controls. If your company is in need of digital solutions and are lacking the expertise we're happy to discuss your situation and help guide you where we can. If in the grand scheme of things all you need is some IFTTT automations we'll be happy to let you know rather than try and upsell some complex tooling that needs constant upgrades and updates.