Image inspired by: Simple Ways to Make DIY Websites Better
Published on:
Apr 19th, 2021

Simple Ways to Make DIY Websites Better

There are many businesses out there that consider a website nothing more than a yellow pages listing. A quick way to find a phone number or get themselves in a Google search. But it's important to understand that all too often a DIY Website can often drive away customers or worse yet, push them to explore your competitors. Though there are some great platforms on the market for making websites the less professional it appears the less serious your business looks.

Overall businesses big and small should be pushing to deliver the easiest content possible to an audience who is often browsing their phones more than their computers.

Here are some simple ways to make a DIY website feel and look more professional:

  • Do not post PDFs of menus
  • Remove all decorative backgrounds
  • Make your logo clear and simple
  • Pay extra to remove any "powered by" or "published on"
  • Ensure that you have set up the SEO with basic descriptions
  • Don't use filler content
  • Make sure the contact page is clear

By simply following these few points you can make a DIY website quite polished. When you decide that your website needs more professional grooming feel free to contact us.