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Published on:
May 31st, 2019

Robots are Good for Business

Automation (aka robots) has been a rapidly growing industry for many years now. Automation is simply the shifting of a responsibility from human activity to computer or machine activity. This can be things such as mechanized arms building cars or even having people scan their own groceries. These are uses of automation not Artificial Intelligence. The self-serve till at the grocery store is no more intelligent than my keyboard. The world is becoming more and more automated each year as businesses develop new ways to reduce costs by mechanizing their workforce. This is happening not just in the physical world but in the world of e-commerce and software even more so.

No more than five years ago you’d likely get pop-ups on a website asking you to sign up for a new deal, but now, you get pop-ups, chatbots, and notification requests. All of these are means of automating the communication between the customer and the platform. There are many cases where this can be useful to a business and some that you may want to avoid. Pop-ups have often been criticized as a means of ruining the user experience, chatbots are the new incarnation of that. They can be annoying and invasive, or even just get in the way of a user getting information about your business or products.

However, let’s look at some ways where adding robots to your business can help it grow:


Adding chatbots can be a great tool to connect with your client, but it’s better to not shove them in their face. Making them obvious on screen, without distracting the user is a good way of doing this. Getting a user’s attention when they’ve been browsing your site after a minute or two to help them find what they’re looking for can also create a good user experience.

Increased Transparency

Creating automation tools that share information with people in your company based on various events can improve communication between departments quickly and at a low cost. Enabling your employees to communicate with each other without adding any tasks to their workflow significantly improves awareness in your company.


There are numerous businesses out there who can learn something from their data sets. Creating robots who can work round the clock to review incoming information from clients and workflows can allow your business to get an upper hand on the market.

Businesses around the world are changing. Whether they’re entering into new markets or expanding their capacities automation is helping pave the way for them to do so. If you want to learn some ways in how you can help automate your business contact us.