Agile by nature
and professionally meticulous

A passionately creative bunch.

We're a team who love actively improving our skills daily and taking time to give back to the community, both locally and globally.

Matt Lantz

Matt Lantz

Founder, Lead Software Developer


Matt is a passionate software developer with over a decade of experience. He's worked with Fortune 500 companies and is constantly looking to improve his skills as a developer and team lead. He's fascinated by how things work and loves to find ways to make things better.

Cassandra Lantz

Founder, Marketing Specialist


Cassandra has over a decade of experience in team management and working directly with clients; She's well versed in all aspects of social media and running complex ad campaigns for small to medium businesses. She loves to organize and edit our work, perhaps too much. If she isn’t managing all of us, she’s spending time with family and soaking up as much fresh air as possible.